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Kevin Anderson

11 July 2020

Hi, so far so good. The tablet is fast and responsive. Just having to
get use to Android 9 and how it does things compared to 5.1 that I'm
used to.

Can't find fault with the tablet and am more than happy with it.


Terry Nichol

16 July 2020

Like best: I had neglected, overuse and misused my Acer laptop for many
years ans it gallantly limped along until one day it completely died on
me. As I live alone and very remotely I am very dependent on it for
communication with the world outside my tiny village. In desperation and
not being able to afford a new replacement I took it to Vistravi
Technology expecting to hear that it needed to be put down. It turned
out that it was past putting down, it had self destructed with all sorts
of problems not least the cooling fan ceasing to work had made
everything overheat. I had paid a small fee for the gentleman there to
take it apart and give a report on the options available to me. Very
surprisingly, it was possible to resurrect it from beyond the grave. At
every point in it's repair the gentleman at Vistravi explained FULLY in
"Plain-speak" what was wrong and what would repair it with the
anticipated costs. On a return visit I was introduced to another
engineer who was just as helpful and both of them very kindly explained
what they were doing. Today I returned to the shop and came away with my
old laptop looking and working as new. In fact better than new because
they had upgraded the software I use regulary to the newest versions.
And the cost was a fraction of having to buy a new one ! And I knew at
every stage, how much it would cost before I went ahead. I can only say,
" What a brilliant service". And the range of accessories stocked for
all sorts of technological gizmos, computer or otherwise, is startling.
I came away with memory sticks and a laptop top case too, I'll look
after my laptop from now on, but I know where I will go to if it needs
repair again or replacing with a new or reconditioned one. It has to
Vistravis. I don't think I could feel as comfortable or as well treat or
as helped by any other organisation.

Vistravi Ltd, 52 Princes St, Thurso KW14 7AE, UK

01847 893432